The process to sell Gold in Dubai with The Location Gold

We deal with all sorts of Gold Suppliers who bring gold bars, nuggets, and scrap gold to Dubai – no matter how big or small you are and regardless of whether or not you have a company!

Introduction to the supplier with our company.

Supplier Types:
  • Gold companies
  • Gold Brokers
  • Individual seller
  • One-time seller

1) As experts in the field, we can prepare all the documents you need to bring gold into Dubai and sell through us, hassle-free.

2) We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you before you bring the gold to Dubai, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and secrecy in all aspects of our business with you.

3) A clear and well-structured legal agreement will supplied for signing in order to secure your interest and the payment for your gold before you arrive in Dubai.

4) We have sufficient financial resources to make the payment to you, no matter whether you’re based in Africa, Europe, the UK, or UAE.

5) We can also establish a company which is 100% owned by you and based in UAE, Singapore, the UK, or the USA to facilitate your payment for the gold in less than a week’s time.

6) We will also gladly pay you a commission if you refer any gold suppliers to us. Under a contract to secure your interest before anything.

Landing at the Dubai Airport

1) We will be waiting to welcome and receive you at the airport with all required documents.

2) We will clear your gold stock from Dubai customs authorities at the airport.

3) We will bring you and the gold stock together to our office for the Assay report.

4) After the assay report is complete, and depending on the purity, you can choose to either take pure gold in return or receive immediate payment through various instruments.

5) After payment has been made to you, original copies of all relevant documents will be provided for your pursual.

6) We will check you into a hotel at our expense and you can enjoy your free stay in Dubai for 2-3 days. Our driver will be at your disposal to show you the beautiful city of Dubai.

7) A free Desert Safari Tour is our final gift to you!

Our Process

How Does It Work

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Meet and Greet
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Sign the Contract
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Bring the Gold to Dubai
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Take you Money